Maria Sharapova. The shoe designer.


One of the key members of the Russian Team at the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and a world-known figure, Maria Sharapova is not only a talented athlete that has achieved a lot due to her iron character and determination, but also a true lady and a successful woman with a capital letter. After her victory at Wimbledon in 2004, Maria, with no doubt, became a popular figure on the global scale. However, her talents do not end there.

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More and more often, Maria tries on an image of a fashionable and secular woman, participates in numerous advertising campaigns: they bring the tennis player more millions than her performances on the court.


She has released stunning named perfume (registered spirits??) “Maria Sharapova”, has signed major contracts with such companies as Motorola, TAG Heuer, Colgate-Palmolive, Nike and Prince. At the same time she is not only the “face” and “hanger” of the brand – she is way more interested in designing her own unique clothes and accessories, rather than in advertising them. Together with the jewelry brand ‘Tiffani & Co’ she created earrings, with Nike – trainers and clothes for the game of tennis, with TAG Heuer – women’s watches and sunglasses.


Currently Maria is developing a design of collections of shoes and accessories for the famous American brand Cole Haan, which was founded in 1928 in Chacago – this, however, is not their first collaboration. The athlete herself is also modeling in the campaign. Here is what Maria herself says about the creation of the collection: “Even before the beginning of the project, I immediately asked to be released from the obligation to produce sketches, the skill, which I am not amazing at. I was surrounded by great designers, who helped me to bring my ideas into life. I really enjoyed the process. It was fascinating to create shoes that people will then wear. That is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do.”


Her style can be summarized as ‘feminine’ and hence her shoe models also possess the sense of sweetness and sensuality. At the same time they are designed for active women, confidently striding towards their goal. “When designing, I thought about what I, being a modern young woman, who travels a lot and who is always busy with something, would want to have in my suitcase. I need a wide diversity of clothes, shoes and accessories, which I could combine, creating outfits suitable for both during the day and in the evening, in case if I won’t have the opportunity to change.”


Numerous successful photo shoots can serve as the evidence for the fact that Maria has an excellent taste. She is compelling in a slightly see-through, light dress with marvelous flowers and, despite her height and size 43 feet, feels comfortable and confident in high heels, as well as in ballerinas. 


One should note down that Maria always wears only exquisite shoes. It goes without saying that she knows the demands of women and, furthermore, she knows the trends inside out, and therefore, there is no doubt that she was destined to become a fashion shoe designer. Sandals of the closed-open design are one of her favorite styles of summer shoes. In her opinion, they make a woman’s foot look really feminine and delicate.


As Maria confessed, while designing new shoe models: “It is terrifying to share your ideas in the room full of professional fashion designers, when you are only 21 years old. I haven’t been so nervous even before the Grand Slam matches.” The world of fashion is, of course, charming in itself, but it is quite ruthless and it poses special demands upon those, who want to establish themselves in it. Maria is capable of overcoming them, especially beause of her grand desire. 




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