Y-concept: about us

about us  



Although Y-Concept is a relatively new player on the world arena, the company has already built up a reputation for individual customer care for understanding  the particular needs of our clientele. Every season our dedicated team travels extensively throughout Europe seeking for new brands, that incorporate high quality, comfort and latest trends in making their shoes and boots, so every season we can introduce a new collection of large size women's footwear assembled from top international designers.


Every respective woman must have shoes for all life situations in her wardrobe. Since, as we all know, there simply can’t be too much. And what is that disintegrates us from others? The fact that we, more than anyone else, are suitable for modeling, successful in sport and we have a perfect height? To be honest, we are extremely lucky to have these features, so feet, a tiny bit bigger than standard, in contrast to numerous advantages – is nothing and for sure it should not be a headache. What’s important is to have an opportunity to choose beautiful, stylish and great quality footwear, which suits you, as unique as you are.






Aware of the difficulties that women face when searching for fashionable shoes in larger sizes, our team has decided to undertake a challenge and make the process of shoe shopping pleasant and delightful for everyone, regardless of their foot size, just as it should be. 




We wish you enjoyable online-shopping on our website, and thank you, for finding time to visit it!



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